• When you have a great idea, its important to have a partner you can trust; with global reach and an interest in protecting your brand. Having ten years of scientific product development experience, creation of the top As Seen On Tv product of the year 2012, the Schticky, and a strongly allied distribution network with a track record for success, I can help you. Whether you are an entrepreneur that has a dream for a new product or you are a well established company with many brands, I can help you create your product and help you scientifically design a plan to make it truly successful.
  • About Me

    Lindsey Brooks was born in the tinsel town of Las Vegas. Her father a very popular Las Vegas entertainer, turned Real Estate tycoon imparted to Lindsey her salesmanship and showmanship. Her mother a very talented artist, who also spent time as a missionary and spiritual teacher taught Lindsey her deep-rooted values and morals, which is why in business she is one of the most trusted and respected leaders of the Millennial generation.



    Her mother’s missionary work also inspired her to be a great public speaker; she actually at one point studied to become an evangelist. “Maybe that’s why she can talk so fast…”


    Her friends say. Lindsey says, “My word is my bond- if you don’t have your reputation you have nothing!” When asked what her favorite quote was, she responds with. “Something my mom used to say, do things right because its right to do them right!!”


    Lindsey has 10 years of product development and product launch history. She is someone who started her business with only $200- and went from that to having her first million by the time she was 19. She has duplicated this business plan time and again over her lifetime with many niche’ gifts and gadgets that have been sold all over the world.


    Lindsey has owned and operated many successful corporations, and has a finance and accounting background.
    As we all know with success, there is often hardship, nothing great comes easily. ” If I can see it… I can do it,” she says fondly.. “determination and stamina are part of my daily rituals.“


    It hasn’t always been easy for Lindsey and not everything has been a success, Lindsey prides herself in the fact that she has a strong belief that the floor is the bottom and the sky is the limit. She is very much someone who creates her own destiny and inspires as many people as she can to come along for the ride. “The opportunity that buzzes around Lindsey is infectious, wherever she is you just want to be with her,” one of her closest friends says.


    Lindsey currently owns and operates a several branding corps, a manufacturing and distribution company, a retail representation firm, a production and full service design company, as well as in her extensive product research background, helps operate the oldest live demonstration company in America with 150 of the top pitchmen in the world. She has a network show coming out this spring about these types of exciting and eccentric types- that basically showcases normal people auditioning for the chance to be the next TV pitch person.


    She has written a book, which she hopes to share with you in January 2013 called “Heres the Pitch.”


    Lindsey’s other experience includes sommelier certifications and honors from the High Court of Master Sommeliers in London; she was the youngest in the world in both categories until she turned 25. Lindsey has won countless ribbons and merits in the equestrian world she is an avid polo player and hunter jumper. She is also a licensed Skydiver.


    Personally, Lindsey is very close to her parents. She has a 6 year old son who acts in many of the TV commercials she produces and has accompanied her on the road often—he likes to say he is the boss.


    Her most recent accolade was creating the product the Schticky, with Vince Offer. As well as writing, directing and producing the commercial that is currently #2 on the Jordan Whitney. Lindsey currently owns and operates a several branding corps, She is the CEO of Boardwalk Brand, which is a DRTV, multi channel marketing company. She serves as the Chairman of the board at Hit Laboratories, DRTV’s only scientific research company, and co-operates the largest pitch company in North America.


    Lindsey held my hand every step of the way, her insights on making our pr oduct successful were in valuable, because of
    Lindsey and her talented team, I am now an independent mom of 3 and a very successful “Mompreneur”

    Lydia Charles Biloxi, Mississipi
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