When you have a great idea, its important to have a partner you can trust; with global reach and an interest in protecting your brand. Having ten years of scientific product development experience, creation of the top As Seen On Tv product of the year 2012, the Schticky, and a strongly allied distribution network with a track record for success, I can help you. Whether you are an entrepreneur that has a dream for a new product or you are a well established company with many brands, I can help you create your product and help you scientifically design a plan to make it truly successful.


About me

Lindsey Brooks “Lindsey has 10 years of product development and product launch history. She started her first business with minimal investment and built it from the ground up herself. She has duplicated this business plan time and again over her lifetime with many niche’ gifts and gadgets that have been sold all over the world.”

Lindsey has determined that through much trial and error the most optimum method for product launch is through a measured systematic approach through marketing research and consumer insights. She firmly believes that asking consumers what they want in a new product will help position the product in a more consumer friendly light in the US market.

As we all know with success, there is often hardship, nothing great comes easily. “If I can see it… I can do it,” she says fondly.. “determination and stamina are part of my daily rituals.”

It hasn’t always been easy for Lindsey and not everything has been a success, Lindsey prides herself in the fact that she has a strong belief that the floor is the bottom and the sky is the limit. She is very much someone who works to creates her own destiny and inspires as many people as she can to come along for the ride. “The opportunity that buzzes around Lindsey is infectious, wherever she is you just want to be with her,” one of her closest friends says.

Lindsey is currently working on a book, which she hopes to share with you in January 2016 called Heres the Pitch that helps to explain how to use consumer research to position a product and craft the best sales pitch.”


Her most recent accolade was becoming the chairman of Hit Laboratories a consumer product research company. She is currently writing her book Heres the Pitch, which is a primer on how to launch a product into the US market by using consumer research.

Lindsey held my hand every step of the way, her insights on making our product successful were in valuable, because of Lindsey and her talented team, I am now an independent mom of 3 and a very successful “Mompreneur”

- Lydia Charles Biloxi