Being a pitchwoman isn’t easy, Lindsey knows what  its like to have to master a pitch piece by piece, day by day and have it be the very bread that feeds you. She started pitching products in Seattle at world famous Pike Place market. Her first hit the Dr Groovy’s Copper Massager became famous very quickly spreading all over the world. It was a head massager that gave great pleasure by stimulating nerve endings and acupressure points, helping to relax, stimulate and cause sincere bliss.  She sold it in many malls, on TV, and at various fairs and events, garnishing her the title of Dr Groovy, and making her the owner of the most “mind jingly, spine-tingly goosebumpy, heart thumpy massage tool ever made.”

Her next product the Polymer clay hair wrap, which was a cute little hair adornment for girls that was used to replace a hair clip or a barrette. Hair wraps were fun to install and looked like high fashion. They came in 20 colors and 3 sizes and sold for nearly between 6.95- 14.95. Her famous buy 3 get one free special caught on and so did hair wrap mania. The product was sold on television, retail and various live demonstration events still to this day.

Hair products seemed to be her niche, she sold the Crazy 8, a flexible hair clip made from piano wire as well as various hair bun devices and hair comb assembles, one of which version became Telebrand’s the EZ COMB, selling nearly 5 million units.

Lindsey soon got into mail order products and various retail line items she was involved with TV campaigns like:

Smooth Away, Clean N GO mat,  Pummax with Hulk Hogan and versions of Shamwow and Slap Chop, as well her most recent hit the Schticky, America’s number one Lint roller!

But wait theres more… She now is the chairman of the board at Hit Laboratories where she gets to teach people her secrets of product research and development as well as manages and consults many major brand’s at her company Boardwalk Brand. And she’s not even 30!